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12 Hour Endurance Race at PIR

by Kyle Tomita on Tue, Oct 20th, 2009 | Client Vehicles, Events and Shows, Motorsports, Tuning

prerace meeting

This past Saturday, October 17, there was a 12 Hour Endurance Race at Portland International Raceway.  Northwest Autosports and Portland Speed Industries brought out the Norma Project.

Norma, another dyno run

Jason Oefelein tuning the Norma Project with the test K20 motor at PSI.

12 Hour Endurance Race at PIR 10-17-2009 11

After a few hours of racing, the Norma project was running flawlessly and leading the competition by a few laps.

Unfortunately, a huge downpour of rain created large puddles of water on the track and the Norma Project hydroplaned and was unable to finish the race.

Northwest Autosport and PSI are still optimistic and plan to have the body repaired and a new race motor installed.  The current motor used for this 12 hour race was a test motor.  They expect to have the new motor dialed-in for Thunder Hill, a 25 hour race in California.  Check back for more updates.