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64 Continental Project Continued

by Kyle Tomita on Fri, Jan 21st, 2011 | Fabrication, PSI Projects

One major advantage of having a skilled fabricator, like Alex Laventure, is that our shop projects receive the same high quality work that client's projects receive.  Alex has been in the fabrication and restoration industry for over 18 years.  This experience allows him to make efficient use of the small amount of time that we have available to work on shop projects. 

One such shop project that received this attention is Erick Sackhoff's 1964 Lincoln Continental.  We have talked about this project in a previous blog, http://tunedbypsi.com/blog-entry.php?64-Lincoln-Continental-Project-76.  This blog with focus briefly on the metalwork put into repairing the body of this '64 Continental project. 

PSI's 64 Continental Project - raw metal 2

In its current state, the car is stripped down to bare metal.  It this state, Alex repaired body panels that had been damaged and rusted.  The areas that received attention from Alex are hard to distinguish from the original metal body panels.  Many of the vistors to PSI view this Continental and have a hard time finding the sections that have been replaced.  Alex blended the two pieces of sheetmetal together so well that it hides the area of contact.  Unless the visitor is in the industry, the weld points go unnoticed. 

PSI's 64 Continental Project - raw metal

This Continental usually draws visitors' attention because of the body being in raw metal and the fact that the car practically sits on the ground, when the airbags are deflated.  Currently in the photograph above, the Lincoln is sitting off the ground because Alex is in the process of fabricating motor and tranny mounts.  Normally a V8 from a 2003 Ford Mustang Cobra with a Kenne Bell supercharger does not sit in the engine bay.  Therefore, exstensive fabrication is needed to swap this V8 in the car.  When this project reaches fruition, most of the components of this Continetal will be replaced and upgraded.  Check back as this Continental project proceeds.  The progression will be slow because our client's projects come first.