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64 Continental Project: Mounts

by Kyle Tomita on Tue, Jan 25th, 2011 | Fabrication, PSI Projects

Work on our 64 Continental project car continues. Alex Laventure and Erick Sackhoff had some time away from working on client cars so they did some work on this project.  Thie Continental will be powered by a Ford V8 out of a 2003 Ford Mustang Cobra with a Kenne Bell supercharger.  This engine is substantially wider than the 460 that originally powered it.  The crossmember was already modified to fit the wider engine.  The unique combination of engine and body required the fabrication of custom engine and transmission mounts.  No aftermarket company offers mounts for this specific application.  Also having channelled the car, none drivetrain path of the drivetrain are from the original car.  This will be a totally custom car when they are done. 

They started designing the mounts by first putting the engine and trans in the car and using braces to hold it in place.  The transmission mount was fabricated first.  This mount would be easier because it only required one location to mount.  The transmission is bolted to the engine on one end.  The transmission was positioned in place and a piece of metal was welded between the parts of the frame that were added for channeling the car.  A rubber mount was used to prevent some vibrations transferring from the engine to the car. 

After this mount was fabricated and mounted, Alex began work on the engine mounts.  Alex fabricated a plate to bolt to the stock mounting locations on the engine.  Building off this plate, he fabricated a boxed in section that connect to the section mounted on the frame. 

PSI custom engine mount unassembled

Here are the pieces that make up one mount. 

PSI custom engine mount assembled

Here is one mount assembled. 

PSI custom engine mounts

Here is a photo of both the assembled mount and an unassembled one.

Here is a photo of one of the engine mounts.  This photo is taken from the level of the frame.  On the left is the tranmission bellhousing and on the right of the photo is the frame. 

Here is a photo of the engine mount from above.  We will have better photos of the engine mounts installed in the car without the engine when the engine is removed for painting. 

Continue to follow the blog for the progress of our custom Continental.