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72 Land Cruiser Project Continues

by Kyle Tomita on Wed, Jan 25th, 2012 | Fabrication

In a previous post, we showed you the custom rear seat brackets for the this '72 Toyota Land Cruiser.  The client wanted to mount racing seats in the front and rear.

Land Cruiser custom rear seat brackets

When installing racing seats, a proper harness bar is needed to securely mount the seat harnesses. Seat harnesses hold the occupant into the seat better than traditional seat belts.

The bars needed to be mounted to give both the front and rear passengers enough room to be comfortable. Alex first built a 6-point roll cage to have secure locations to mount the harness bars.

72 Land Cruiser cage work

Above: Alex welding the cage and harness bars.

72 Land Cruiser Cage - front

72 Land Cruiser Cage - backseats

72 Land Cruiser Cage - rear

The bars were left raw because the client will handle getting them painted as well as supplying his own harnesses. With the new seats and cage, this 1972 Land Cruiser is ready for some fun.