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by Kyle Tomita on Mon, Mar 14th, 2011 | General

Another busy day at PSI

Above: A snapshot of the shop. 

We have been kept very busy with several different projects.  This blog will be a brief overview of the various projects going on here at PSI.  In the next week or two, we will be going over many of these projects as they progress. 

Let's start with the two Nissan GT-R's. 

Above: Nissan GT-R being worked on.

The silver GT-R in the front will be receiving a custom PSI fuel system, which will utilize Radium Engineering Fuel Surge Tank and Fuel Pressure Regulator and Injector Dynamics Fuel Injectors.  The stock fuel system is being disassembled. 

The white GT-R recently had Forge Motorsport's wastegate actuators installed.  It is currently being prepared for the transmission to be reinstalled.  The transmission was sent out to Shep Trans to be upgraded. 

This Toyota Supra was recently tuned by Jason Oefelein.  It runs on an AEM EMS.  An upgraded fuel system is being installed to ensure the 2JZ always has enough fuel.  A pair of Bosch 044 fuel pumps will be replacing the current ones. 

We are keeping Alex Laventure busy also with another custom exhaust system.  Last week we had him fabricating an exhaust system for a sixties Mustang with a big block and this week it is a Dodge Charger with a modern hemi. 

The LS2 for AJC's drift 240 has come back from the machine shop.  Russ Weimer is building the LS2 and will be installing it soon.  AJC's next upcoming event will be an Open Drift event at Evergreen Speedway, in Monroe, WA.  This LS2 will be oiled by a dry sump oiling system similar to those found on the LS7 in the Z06. 

This was just a brief overview of what has been going on at PSI.  Check back here for more updates on these and upcoming projects.  Also check out http://dyno.tunedbypsi.com to see what vehicles have been on our Dynojet dyno recently.