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A Trip to UAE

by Kyle Tomita on Thu, Apr 7th, 2011 | General

Earlier this year, Jason Oefelein and John Reed took a trip out to the United Arab Emirates. Several of their clients had returned home to the UAE for the holidays and this was a perfect opportunity to visit.  After having their travel plans disrupted by the snow storms on the east coast, they both made it to the UAE.

The purpose was mix of business and vacation. They were there to tune a few cars and talk about some business. They toured the different areas to see the vehicles that were being built.

Nissan Patrols

They wanted to observe the culture and see how the automotive performance industry is doing in the UAE. They toured a few shops, Nissan Patrols were very popular.

Of course they had a some fun on the dunes.

They got to watch some intense racing up the Li Wa dunes. The goal was to get up this steep dune as fast as possible.

Along with the dunes, there were great mountain roads.

The UAE is a beautiful place and both of them had a very good time.  They did a lot of sightseeing and tried many new things.  The following photos will highlight the sightseeing portion of their trip.

The view from the hotel.

A visit to Ferrari World

John Reed in front of a big truck.

They also went jetskiing.

They both got to ride their first camel. Not all the transportation has an engine in it.

At the Dubai airport, heading back to Oregon.