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A new car for the showroom

by Kyle Tomita on Mon, Jun 20th, 2011 | Client Vehicles, In The Lobby

We now have a different car in our showroom.  We have gone away from the large displacement V8's and V10's and now a 4 cylinder sits in the lobby.  However, what this car lacks in displacement, it makes up for in heritage and styling.

1958 Porsche Special in the lobby at PSI.JPG

A 1958 Porsche Special 2500.

Engine in a 1958 Porsche Special at PSI.JPG

This Porsche is powered by a 2500cc Polo4.

1958 Porsche Special at PSI 007.jpg

We recently had this Porsche on our dyno.

Come down to PSI to check out this rare and very beautiful classic Porsche and the other cars that we are working on. At the time of this post, there is a supercharged methanol-fueled beast on the dyno. More on this in the future.