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AJC Drift Off-season: Radiator Protection

by Kyle Tomita on Tue, Jan 5th, 2010 | Fabrication, Motorsports

Over the course of the season, AJC'S LS240 gets wear and tear from the events.  Damage from cones is often a result.  The drivers are pushing there cars the limit to get the most angle and fastest entry speeds possible and Andrew Coomes is no exception.  As a result, during the off-season and sometimes during an event, cars need to be repaired. 

blog raditor damage

During the course of the 2010 drift season, AJC's raditor and fan received some damage.  The fan and radiator will need to be replaced.  The damage was sustained during competition.  To prevent similar damage from occuring, protective bars were fabricated to protect the radiator.  The radiator is vital to keeping this built LS2 cool during competition. 

A Technician planning the the angle and curve of the bar. 

Alex Laventure is welding the protection bar. 

This radiator protection will hopefully deflect cones or anything else that might seek to damage the radiator and fan.   The radiator protection consists of two additional bars.  The square tube and rounded tube.  Both of these are removable for easy access to the radiator. 

Andrew Coomes' LS240 is ready for the upcoming season, at least in regards to cooling.  The LS2 is still at the machine shop be disected and rebuilt.  Check back here or at AJCDrift.com for more updates.