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AJC Drift Offseason Update: Dry Sump

by Kyle Tomita on Tue, Mar 22nd, 2011 | Client Vehicles, Fabrication, Motorsports

For the upcoming season, AJC's LS2 powered 240, dubbed the LS240, will be converting over to a dry sump setup. 

Above: The oil tank for the dry sump system.

Above: Oil pump for the dry sump system.

Since the LS2 was out for the off-season being rebuilt, it was a perfect time to perform this upgrade, along with many others.

Above: LS2 being assembled. 

As this is being written, Andrew's car is being worked on in preparation for the upcoming Evergreen Drift series.  The car is quickly going back together as the first event date draws near. 

Also the exterior of his car will be changed for the upcoming season.  Check back here for more updates on the progress as AJC's drift car takes shape once again.

Photographs for this blog were provided by Ryan Davis, of YAER Productions.  Ryan is a fixture around drifting, check out his videos on vimeo.  Thanks again Ryan for the contribution.