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Adding Headers to the Sequoia

by Kyle Tomita on Tue, Nov 22nd, 2011 | Fabrication

Supercharged Toyota Sequoia.jpg

A few months ago, Alex Laventure fabricated an exhaust system for one of our client's supercharged Toyota Sequoia.

PSI Custom Exhaust on 2011 Toyota Sequoia 001.jpg

The larger diameter exhaust and MBRP tip gave the exhaust the look and sound that the client was looking for.

The client recently returned and wanted us to install a new set of headers and continue the custom exhaust up to those headers.

Sequoia Headers

Alex welding Exhaust

Alex did some welding and fabricated a section to go from the headers to the rest of the exhaust.


This not a simple job of running a relatively straight pipe. The exhaust was routed along each side of the transmission and joined up at the muffler.

The owner wanted a little more out of the exhaust system and the headers and exhaust modifications gave him what he was looking for.