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Andrew Coomes Takes 1st at Pro Am Round 1 2011

by Kyle Tomita on Wed, May 4th, 2011 | Client Vehicles, Motorsports

Congratulation Andrew Coomes on the victory at Round 1 of the Evergreen Pro Am, on May 1, 2011. After spending the 2010 season dialing in his LS2 powered 240SX, he is starting off the 2011 season strong.

As a sponsored driver for PSI, Andrew's car has undergone extensive work to become the V8 powered car it is today. This event was the first real test for the new ARE dry sump oiling system and the new suspension setup.

This is the tank for the dry sump system. It is now located under the dash on the passenger side, a very clean install.

Stance coilovers. A temporary suspension solution.

Round 1 was a perfect test for the new setup and it worked out very well.

Andrew has some more big plans in store for the rest of the 2011 Pro Am season. The LS240 was taken back to PSI for some more work before the Round 2 in June.

The car was placed on a lift and the trunk floor was removed.

AJC trunk floor removed

The trunk floor needed to be removed for a few upcoming upgrades. Come back here for more updates on the evolution of Andrew Coomes' LS240 and his progress in the Evergreen Pro Am series.