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Building a Turbo Mini

by Kyle Tomita on Wed, Apr 18th, 2012 | Client Vehicles, Fabrication, Modification, Research and Development, Tuning

Turbo Mini Cooper - 001

One of our clients is an avid autocross driver and competes in his Mini Cooper S.  For the past several seasons, he has been running a modified supercharged setup.  This past year, John Reed installed and tuned a ViPEC V88.  

With the ViPEC V88, John Reed tuned this setup to produce 247 whp and 214 ft-lbs of torque.  With this setup, the owner and his co-driver have done very well in SCCA SoloX.  

For the upcoming season, the owner decided to switch from a supercharger to a turbocharger.  His main goal was to have more power and have that power available at low rpms.  

Here is the solution we developed,

Custom PSI Mini Turbo Kit

Above: A PSI custom turbo kit.

This kit is built around a Garrett GTX2860 turbo.  We chose this size to reach our goal of 350 whp and a quick spool.  The turbo sits on a custom fabricated turbo manifold.

The turbo manifold was developed to mount the turbo low behind the engine.  While the other piping is custom to this application, this turbo manifold works with other Mini Cooper applications of the same generation.  If you are interested in purchasing this manifold or have a complete setup made, feel free to give us a call for more information.  

Turbo Mini Cooper Engine Bay

Our solution is run on a ViPEC V88 installed and tuned by John Reed.  

Autocross Mini on dyno at PSI 001.jpg

Above: John Reed tuning on the dyno, (the old supercharged setup).

The client took the newly turbocharged Mini to an autocross this past weekend and placed 3rd.  As the season progresses, the drivers will become more comfortable with the turbo setup and continue to do well.  We will continue to support him in their autocross efforts.  For more information about this kit or the turbo manifold, please feel free to give us a call.