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Building a Turbo NSX

by Kyle Tomita on Thu, Aug 25th, 2011 | Client Vehicles, Fabrication, John Reed Racing, Tuning

Acura NSX after a detail

This 2005 Acura NSX is owned by one of our clients.  In the photo above, it sits in stock form.  The NSX's design and styling set it apart.

Powered by a all-aluminum V6, this mid-engined sports car produces 276 whp and 220 ft-lbs of torque.  The power, weight, and mid-engine design make this a very fun car to drive.

However, our client wanted to take it to the next level.  He wanted a little more power, so a turbo solution was devised.

A custom PSI turbo kit was created starting with a LoveFab turbo manifold and a Precision T4 turbo.  A Tial waste gate and boost controller were added to the mix.

Turbo Acura NSX engine bay.jpg

The custom intake we had made previously for this car was replaced by a charge pipe with a Tial waste gate.

The mid mounted V6 makes turbo placement tricky. The turbo sits under the car near the rear bumper.

Precision Turbo on an NSX.jpg

Some custom fabrication was needed for this solution. A PSI custom spec throttle body was used for this application.  A special adapter was fabricated to utilize this throttle body.

Custom PSI throttlebody adapter.jpg

Alex Laventure designed and fabricated an adapter.

Throttlebody and adapter for NSX.jpg

The custom adapter and Lamborghini throttle body installed.

A ViPEC V88 was added to control the entire package.

ViPEC v88.jpg

The ViPEC sits conveniently behind the passenger seat.

John Reed tuning a turbo NSX with ViPEC.jpg

John Reed setup the base map for this setup.

Turbo NSX on the dyno at PSI.jpg

The NSX was strapped down to our dyno and the tuning continued.

This setup puts down 385 whp and 279 ft-lbs of torque at 6 lbs of boost.  Update: The car has come back in for a retune and now produces 404 whp and 300 ft-lbs of torque.  (the video is from the original run and does not reflect the new tune)

Here is a video on the dyno:

2005 Turbo Acura NSX on the dyno at PSI from Portland Speed Industries on Vimeo.

The NSX now sits on a set of custom chromed SSR Professor MS1's.

reedit-SSR Professor MS1.jpg

Here is a quick picture.

Turbo NSX.jpg