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Custom Exhaust for a Z06

by Kyle Tomita on Mon, Oct 3rd, 2011 | Fabrication

A client of ours recently got a new rear bumper for his Z06 Corvette.

This new diffuser's single center exhaust opening leaves little options for an exhaust both stock and aftermarket.

Alex Laventure started fabricating an exhaust solution for the Z06.

Alex started with the exhaust tip, which would be the hardest part of the project. The client wanted an exhaust tip that would match the contours of the opening in the diffuser. Alex first made a template that would be used to shape the tip out of stainless.

Once the template was done, it was time to start forming the tip. Below are some photos of the fabrication process.

Forming a Custom Corvette Z06 Exhaust Tip 002.jpg

Fabricating a Custom Z06 Exhaust Tip.jpg

Forming a Custom Corvette Z06 Exhaust Tip.jpg

The finished tip.

Custom Exhaust Tip.jpg

Custom Exhaust Z06.jpg

Alex installing the exhaust tip.

The final product installed.

Custom Corvette Z06 center exhaust 006.jpg

Custom Corvette Z06 center exhaust 004.jpg

A close up.

While the car was here, we also installed a set of carbon fiber side skirts.

Carbon fiber side skirts 1.jpg