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Custom intake for Cadillac STS

by Kyle Tomita on Mon, Nov 15th, 2010 | Client Vehicles, Fabrication

Not all of our projects are large and extensive like our current GT-R and Continetal projects but are still as important.  We view each project with the same importance because to the client their project is the main one.  Recently a client came to us with his Cadillac STS and wanted something a little more aggressive under the hood.  A turbo or supercharger was not something the client was looking for but rather a custom intake system.  He did not like all the black plasitc under the hood. 

Alex Laventure began this project by removing the stock air box.  Carefully consideration was taken to ensure no check engine lights because of the modification of the intake system.  This car has a MAF sensor like a Viper we previously worked on and had issues with the MAF sensor.  After assuring no issues with the MAF sensor, Alex fabricated a simple, custom intake with a K&N air filter. 

blog Cadillac STS PSI custom intake 002

blog Cadillac STS PSI custom intake 003

The stainless steel in the intake contrasts the black plastic covering the engine bay.  This small custom intake adds a more aggressive look to the engine bay.  By removing the airbox and replacing it with this custom intake also gives the car a more aggressive sound.  Overall this simple modification provides many asethetic improvements.