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FDLBC 2013

by Kyle Tomita on Tue, Apr 16th, 2013 | Motorsports

It has come to that time again, the start of the Formula Drift series.  The series starts on the streets of Long Beach.  For the past few years, PSI's involvement in FD has slowly increased.  From working with Andrew Coomes and Kyle Pollard, we have expanded to work with many other drivers and teams.  This season we are working with veterans like Ryan Tuerck, Robbie Nishida, Dean Kearney, and the Brides Racing team, and rookies like Rob Primo and Chris Jeanneret.  

FD Long Beach 2013

Robbie Nishida - Lexus SC300 (Photo by Jason Scott - Flickr - Facebook)

Dean Kearney - Dodge Viper (Photo by Larry Chen from the Speedhunters.com.)

Rob Primo - 2JZ S14 (Photo by Larry Chen for Speedhunters.com)

This trip to Long Beach is big deal because it was the debut of Ryan Tuerck's Retaks Scion FR-S that we built for him.  This season we stepped up and built Ryan a 2JZ powered FR-S.  

GTX4294R X 2JZ X PSI X Ryan Tuerck X Retaks

Tuerck did well for a first showing of the FR-S.  He was defeated in the Great 8 by Chris Forsberg.  

(Photo from the Formula D website)

He got to the Great 8 by taking Justin "JTP" Pawlak out in the Top 16.  

(Photo from the Formula D website)

Tuerck currently is tied for 6th place with 64 points.  The car is on its way back to the shop for some repairs and improvements before heading to the East coast.