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FR-S Development

by Kyle Tomita on Mon, Dec 3rd, 2012 | Research and Development


This time around, we are focusing on the suspension aspects of the Scion FR-S.  

For the test car, we are using Ryan Davis, of Yaer Productions, Argento FR-S.  

PARC 11-10-2012 - Yaer Productions - 015

Above: Ryan taking the FR-S out to PARC for the first time. 

Brian does an alignment on the Yaer FR-S

Above: Brian Hartsock discussing the alignment with Ryan.

Brian Hartsock will be taking the lead on the development of suspension components.  

Raw suspension parts - PSI

Above: Some of the raw components to be used.

He is currently testing some control arms on his daily driver AE86.  Brian understands what it takes to setup a car properly, he handles the setup for Kyle Pollard's FD car.  He  also drove the missile car at the last PARC event for the first time.  This was also his first time on track and the ebrake was not even working.  

PARC 11-10-2012 - Brian - 011

Brian has a lot of work ahead of him and hopefully have some components ready to test at the next PARC event.