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Formula D Long Beach Qualifying

by Kyle Tomita on Fri, Apr 6th, 2012 | Events and Shows, Motorsports

Formula D Long Beach qualifying is going on now.  At PSI, we have the live driftstream going on 5 screens since all of us were not able to go to Long Beach to watch it live.  

Above: One of the tv's playing the driftstream at the shop.

Above: Gaelen Norman, Founder of Northwest Nissans and friend, is also watching driftstream.

Our lead tech, Brian Hartsock, is down there because he is Kyle Pollard's crew chief.  He is responsible for making sure Kyle's car is ready for each round.  He will be providing some coverage for us.  We will also be pulling photos off Facebook and Instagram.  

Above: Brian track side last season.

Above: Kyle Pollard's Silvia in trailer ready for a day of qualifying.  Photo courtesy of Brian Hartsock.

Above: Andrew Coomes' car ready for qualifying.  Photo courtesy of Blat Blat! Pew Pew!

Above: Here is Andrew Coomes in the pits.

Above: Kyle Pollard during one of his practice runs.

Above: Sully got this great shot of Kyle Pollard during practice.

Unfortunately, during practice, Mike Phillips hit the wall and took himself out of the competition.  

Above: Mike Phillips is still staying positive after wrecking.  Photo courtesy of Blat Blat! Pew Pew!

We will be watching qualifying and posting updates on Facebook.  Good luck to everyone competing.