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Frankenstang Project - Oil pan and steering rack clearance

by Kyle Tomita on Tue, Dec 21st, 2010 | Client Vehicles, Fabrication

When working on custom projects, issues often arise throughout the build.  The "Frankenstang" project was brought to us as a work already in progress.  With those types of projects some inherited issues have a common occurance.  Our first major issue with making the Mustang a running car is with the engine mounting position.  The following photos show the clearance issues with the Ford 460's oil pan and the steering rack. 

blog oil pan clearance issues 1

blog oil pan clearance issues 2

Alex Laventure needed to modify the oil pan to provide an adequate amount of clearance so that the big block will sit in properly.  

blog cut oil pan

The oil pan was cut to provide space for the steering rack. 

blog steering rack clearance masten

This shows the cut oil pan and the clearance that is available.  A;ex then needed to fabricate a new section of the oil pan that went around the steering rack but still left enough room for the oil pump to fit inside. 

blog modified oil pan

Here is the modified oil pan that is ready to go back onto the engine.

blog masten alex installing oil pan

Alex is installing the oil pan. 

blog masten oil pan in

Here is an undercar view of the installed oil pan and the clearance with the steering rack and lines. 

Now Alex can procede to modify the headers to fit properly in the "Frankenstang".

blog Masten headers in front of car