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Fuel is a necessity

by Kyle Tomita on Mon, May 17th, 2010 | Client Vehicles, Research and Development, Tuning

Nowdays, we have become dependent on fuel.  We drive to and from work, and in the process use a lot of fuel.  Getting the fuel from your tank to the engine is also very important.  From the factory, stock vehicles have this fuel movement taken care of.  On heavily modified vehicles, upgrading the fuel system is often a necessity.  Take this truck for an example,



This Dodge Ram SRT-10 requires a lot of fuel.  The Viper V10 does not have the same fuel economy as an econobox 4 cylinder.  This truck happens to also have twin GT42 turbos, which increase the amount of fuel needed.  Obviously, this truck requires an upgraded fuel system to feed the large fuel injectors.  When modifying a fuel system, many things have to be taken into consideration.  The fuel lines require planning to avoid other components and heat.  Fuel is flamable and needs to be routed in a way to avoid execessive heat from the exhaust system.  Fuel lines also need to be protected from breaking.  Over time, rubbing of steel braided fuel lines will cause them to rupture.  With this particular truck, the fuel lines were rerun to improve flow and safety.  The previous setup had created a point in the lines that reduced flow, causing the fuel pump to work harder.  The lines were rerun in a more horizontal fashion.  The lines also run near the exhaust system, so a custom heat shield was fabricated to protect them from execessive heat.  The heat would cause the lines to deteriorate faster and could lead to a fire.  The new routing also reduced the amount of places were the fuel lines would rub on the frame.