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How wide can you go?

by Kyle Tomita on Fri, Nov 5th, 2010 | Client Vehicles, Fabrication

A client with an FD RX-7 wants to fit wide wheels under the fenders.  The wheels he wants are Work Meister S1's.  But these aren't your normal size wheels. 

blog rx7 meister

He wants to fit 18 x 10" in the front and 18 x12.5" in the rear.  These Meisters are wrapped with Toyo Proxes R888, with 2285/30 R18 in the front and 335/30 R18 in the rear. 

blog rx7 wide rubber

The wheels, from left to right, new front, old rear, and new rear. 

Those tires are more like ones you would find on a Dodge Viper rather than a Japanese sport compact.  Needless to say, modifications to the fenders was required.  Alex Laventure started work on the rear fenders, which required a lot of work. 

The client provided fiberglass over fenders to fit the wide wheels.  These overfenders needed to be fit to the car.  Most people would simply cut, pull, and hammer the fender to fit the over fender and then rivet it on. 

This crude approach is not what the client or Alex wanted to do. Alex began by strippinig the paint and preparing the surface for cutting.  He cut the fender to provide the appropriate amount of clearance for the wheels.  He began fabricating a new fender section to replace the part that was cut out.   

blog fender inside

Inner fender was formed to match the curve of the fender. 

Alex then needed to form the new fender section and then shape it to match the curves of the car. 

blog Alex shaping fenderAlex shaping a part of the fender.

blog formed fenders

The fenders have been shaped and ready to be attached to the car. 

blog fender shaped to the car

The fender is fastened to the car to test the fit before being welded on. 

blog rx7 metal

Fender is attached and ready for primer.

blog rx7 primer

The fender is primered and ready for the overfender.  The overfenders will be riveted on and fused with a fusor to the body.  This will get the overfenders added strength and durability. 

blog rx7 rivet

Alex applied the fusor to adhere the overfender to the new fender he fabricated and is now riveting it on. 

blog rx7 rear on

blog rx7 rear on angle

The rear overfenders are complete and now it is time to move onto the front.  The front fenders will be modified to fit the 18x10" wheels.  Check back for updates soon.