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IAP's Open House was a Success

by Kyle Tomita on Fri, Mar 4th, 2011 | Events and Shows, Institute of Automotive Performance

Last evening, the Institute of Automotive Performance had their first open house event.

IAP Open House 1

The inaugural event was a big success.  There were over 30 people in attendance.

IAP Open House 4

Before and After the presentation, the attendees were able to walk around and talk with some of PSI's staff.

IAP Open House 3

Talking with some attendees.

IAP Open House 7

John Reed talking with an attendee.

Jason Oefelein started out by talking about the high performance automotive industry.  He discussed the different courses offered at IAP and how they will prepare students for the automotive industry.

IAP Open House 5

John Reed continued by expanding on the tuning aspect of the automotive industry.

IAP Open House 6

After they concluded their presentation, the attendees were given a tour of PSI's facilities.

IAP Open House 8

Jason lead the tour by first going to the fab shop.  He and Alex talked to them briefly about fabrication and its part in the industry.  Erick's Continental was included in the discussion as it sits in the fab shop as a work in progress.

IAP Open House 9

Next, they headed over to Russ' area to learn about the electrical side of the industry.  Russ showed them an custom wiring harness and engine and transmission control box.  This system is going into a Toyota Supra.

IAP Open House 11

The tour ended in the dyno room where John Reed was tuning a client's Toyota Supra. v IAP Open House 10

The attendees got to briefly see what is involved in tuning a car.  As John was tuning, Jason was describing to the attendees what John was doing.

The event was a big success and very informative for all the attendees.  The upcoming generation of tuners and technicians looks promising.  We hope to see many of the attendees at our IAP's first class, Intro to Tuning Basics, on April 9th.  For more information, go to IAP's website at http://iapedu.com.