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Import Face-Off 2013 at Woodburn Dragstrip

by Kyle Tomita on Mon, May 27th, 2013 | Motorsports

This past Sunday, May 27th, at Woodburn Dragstrip was Import Face-Off.  The weather started off bad but evetually cleared up long enough for the races.  Out representing the shop was Kyle in his Mitsubishi Evo that Jason had tuned the previous week.  After a few changes from last time, including a larger front mount turbo setup, the car is put down 890 whp at 48 pounds of boost.  

IFO Woodburn 2013 - Kyle's Evo 002

On his first one, he rolled into the launch but managed a 142 mph trap speed.  

IFO Woodburn 2013 - Kyle's Evo 005

IFO Woodburn 2013 - Kyle's Evo 001

IFO Woodburn 2013 - Kyle's Evo 004

IFO Woodburn 2013 - 007

While out there, we also got to watch Speed Factory's Civics speed down the quarter mile.