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JRR wiring and PSI fabrication

by Kyle Tomita on Tue, Aug 23rd, 2011 | Client Vehicles, Fabrication, John Reed Racing

Recently, we teamed up with John Reed Racing for a Ignition solution for a client's Mark III Toyota Supra powered by a 7M.

A M&W Ignition CDI was chosen for the added benefits it provides for the ignition system.

M&W Ignition CDI in MKIII Supra.jpg

A custom mounting plate was needed for the M&W CDI.

Alex making a template for a M&W Ignition mount.jpg

Alex making a template for the mounting plate.

M&W Ignition mounting platform.jpg

Mounting plate for the M&W CDI.

John Reed built a custom wiring harness for this application.

John Reed Racing M&W Ignition Harness

Custom harness.

JRR Custom M&W Ignition wiring harness in Supra.jpg

The custom harness and M&W Ignitions CDI installed in the Supra.

7M Toyota Supra.jpg

After the installation, it was time to tune the car.  The Supra ended up making 690 whp.  

MKIII 7M Supra on dyno at PSI.jpg

Check back here for more JRR and PSI collaborations.