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Kyle Pollard Drift Season Recap

by Kyle Tomita on Tue, Oct 30th, 2012 | Motorsports

With the Formula D season wrapping up a few weeks ago, we sat down with Kyle Pollard and go over his 2012 drift season.  This year he has driven both the F20 Hachi 

Kyle Pollard - PARC 3-11-2012 - 010

and the SR20 Silvia K's

PARC Drift 9-1-2012-1303 copy.jpg

Both of the photos were from grassroots open drift events at Pat's Acres Racing Complex (PARC).  He has driven both of these cars in competition this past year, but on the Silvia in Formula D competition.  

At Formula D Seattle.  Photo by Travis Stern for Blat Blat! Pew Pew!

Chop: Let's start with a hard question, How was this year for you?

Kyle: To be honest, this year did not go as well as I wanted.  I got the car finished up near the end of last year but there were still some issues that got worked out this year.  

Chop: Well walk us through the season starting with Long Beach.  

Kyle: Long Beach is the start of the season and I was really excited for it.  It is a unique event because it is literally on the streets.  The car felt really solid compared to last year.  For this event I was forced to use an SR tranny because the Ikeya Formula Dogmission broke a few weeks prior at NissanFest.  I was not use to the H pattern but still felt good in practice.  Unfortunately, I was not able to qualify for the big event.  I was pretty bummed about not competing but at least I could still watch.  It was good to see Daigo Saito competing for the first time in FD.  

Chop:  Speaking of Daigo, what do you think about him winning the championship?

Kyle:  It is great that he won the championship.  With so many top competitors competing for the title at Irwindale, it made for a action packed last round.  I hope I get to go up against him next season. 

Chop: You did not drive in any of the East Coast events this year but you did make it out to Palm Beach.  How was it going there but not competing?

Kyle: That was the first time I went to an FD event to just spectate since 2010.  I spectated from the stands for a while but wanted to get closer to the action.  I was on the starting grid helping Loren Haleston of LORENinHD run some GoPro's.  I really wanted to drive there after seeing the track.  Hopefully I can drive there next season.  While I was in Florida, I got some kart racing in with Jason Oefelein and Loren.  At least I got to do some kind of racing that weekend.  

Chop: The next event you competed at was FD Seattle.  Walk us through that weekend.

Kyle: FD Seattle is one of the toughest rounds for me.  The competition in FD is always tough but I put extra pressure on myself at Evergreen because it is my home track. That was also my first event with the new HKS sequential tranny.  I felt very comfortable in practice and felt confident in the car.  I qualified in the top 32 with a score of 78 points.  In my Top 32 batte, I went against Matt Powers.  It was a tough match and Powers came out on top.  Even if I lost, I got some good tandem experience.  

Pollard on the bank at Evergreen.  Photo by Armin Ausejo for NWMotiv.com

Chop:  Your next event was FD Vegas, tell us about it.  

Kyle:  Vegas is always a fun event but really hot.  It is different than the rest of the events because it is at night.  Since it was a night event, Brian Hartsock wired up a set of  strobing red LED's from VLEDs.  

I was not able to qualify but it was alright because I was still in Vegas.  

Chop:  Vegas ended up being your last FD but not your last competition.  You ended up taking the Hachi out to NWMotiv's inMotion car show and dirft competition.  Tell us about that event.  

Kyle:  That event went really well.  I ended up winning the competition and beat a few other local FD drivers.  It was a good way for me to end the season.  

Here is a link to a post about the inMotion event.  

Chop:  What was your favorite event from the season?

Kyle:  My favorite event has to be FD Seattle.  It is my home track and I enjoy the high speed entry on the bank.  I also like that event because all my family and friends can see me drift.  

Chop:  What are your plans for the off-season?

Kyle:  During the off-season I plan to work on both of the cars.  The team and I will work to make the cars more competitive.  I have already started working on the Hachi's engine bay.  I will also be working on my sponsorship proposal so that I can try to make more FD rounds next season.  I would like to also thank my current sponsors who made the 2011 season possible.