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Kyle Pollard's Journey to Drift by Loren Haleston

by Kyle Tomita on Fri, Mar 2nd, 2012 | Media Coverage, Motorsports

Kyle Pollard, our sponsored driver and friend, has started his Journey to Drift.  After a slow start in 2011, with only having his car ready for the last few events, Kyle plans to push harder this season.  We will be continuing our support for Kyle as he prepares his RHD Nissan Silvia K's for the first round of Formula Drift at Long Beach.  

Day 253/365 - Long Day of Shooting

Above: Kyle Pollard drifting at PGP last season.  Photo courtesy of Connor Surdi.

Kyle will be approaching the 2012 season ready to drift harder and faster.  Kyle plans to have his car ready for each of the seven Formula Drift events.  New for this season, Kyle is teaming up with Loren Haleston, of LorenInHD to cover his journey.  Loren will be providing event and behind the scenes coverage of Kyle's run for the championship.  

Earlier this year, they stopped by the shop to do a little filming between working on the car.  

BTS - Loren and Kyle

Kyle Pollard's Journey to Drift, will be covered in a series of episodes.  The first two episodes have been released and can be found on Loren's Vimeo.  Here is episode 2:

We will be following and supporting Kyle throughout his 2012 season and we hope you will too.  Check back here for more updates on Kyle and the other PSI sponsored drifters as they compete in various competitions throughtout the year.