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Late Nights before Formula D Seattle

by Kyle Tomita on Wed, Jul 18th, 2012 | General

There have been many long days and late nights getting ready for Formula D Seattle.  The shop was very busy late into the night.

Busy Inside PSI 7-17-2012

With six Formula D cars, everyone was working hard to get them ready.  The Achilles Radial Bridges Racing cars have been at the shop for a few weeks.  Each one needed a different amount of work to be done in preparation for the event.  Daigo Saito's SC430 only required a small amount of wiring and some bumper repair.  Emmanuel Amandio's car was not run at The Wall and did not need work.  Robbie Nishida's SC300 got most of our attention.  The engine bay was rewired.  The boost lines were also adjusted.  In the trunk, a Radium Engineering fuel surge tank and two Bosch 044 fuel pumps were installed.  The entire fuel system was checked and preped.  The NOS bottle was also remounted to make room for the surge tank.  

Inside Robbie SC300 trunk

Brian Bridges flew in from California to check out the cars and also do some work.  Before he started working, we showed him what we had done under the hood and in the trunk.  

Robbie SC300 front

Robbie SC300 - trunk

After testing out his car at PARC this past weekend, Kyle Pollard just had a few things to button up for the event.  

PARC 7-15-2012 - Kyle Pollard 015

Like Kyle, Andrew Coomes tested out his Nissan LS240 at PARC.  

PARC 7-15-2012 - AJC 004

Andrew's car was on the dyno for a retune after returning from the East coast.  His car puts down a conservative 440 whp.  

Ryan Tuerck's Retaks Maxxis Tire Nissan LS240 was dropped off at the shop on Saturday and Ryan showed up on Sunday.  We got the car on the dyno to check the air/fuel and also see how much power it was putting down.  

Ryan Tuerck's Retaks Racing LS240 on the dyno at PSI

Right off the trailer, the car put down 485 whp and 434 ft-lbs of torque.

Ryan Tuerck changing spark plugs

Ryan changed out the spark plugs on the dyno.

Jason Oefelein Checking out tune on Ryan Tuerck's S13

Jason hooked up his laptop to check things out.  After some adjustments and new spark plugs, the LS240 picked up 40 lbs of torque.  

While all this work was being performed on the drift cars, we also were working on our other clients' cars.  Ryan Davis and the Yaer Productions team were also down at the shop.  Fred Roman, of Portland Sign Design, had just finished wrapping the Yaer Lexus SC300 in silver and Ryan drove it to the shop.  Ian Dillion, of Factory 83, was working on all the graphics for the car with the help of Ryan.  Be sure to check back for some photos and video of the Yaer SC300 because you know that is what Yaer does best.  The car is almost complete and today Alex Laventure fabricated a custom exhaust system, because the one that was purchased for the car did not live up to Ryan's vision for the car.  

Custom exhaust for Yaer SC300

Be sure to make it out to Formula D Seattle at Evergreen Speedway so see the debut of the Yaer Lexus SC300.