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Mustang GT500 Custom Hood Scoop part 2

by Kyle Tomita on Wed, Dec 8th, 2010 | Client Vehicles, Fabrication

hood rendering for blog

With this rendering by Todd Johnston, in house artist, Alex Laventure, fabricator, began work on the custom hood scoop.   When we left off last, Alex had just completed fabrication of the scoop out of aluminum. 

blog alex working on the hood

Alex putting the finishing touches on the scoop. 

It is now time to cut the hood to make room for the scoop.  It is not as simple as it seems.  A large hole cannot be simply cut out without affecting the rigidity of the hood. 

blog hood support

To provide rigity to the hood, their are supports on the underside.  This supports will need to be removed so the hole can be cut. 

blog no hood support

After the support was carefully removed, the hole can be cut.  The supports will need to be put back after the scoop has been glued in. 

blog scoop glued in no support

After the scoop is glued in, work on the supports can continue.  The scoop was glued into the hood because of the thickness of the scoop and hood.  The aluminum hood was very thin. 

blog gluing hood supports back in

Alex fitted aluminum under the supports that he cut so that the removed support piece can be glued onto them.  This will allow the support to be firmly reattached. 

blog hood support after glue

A support piece.

The support was reattached.  Alex then needed to use all-metal to smooth the transistion from the scoop to the hood. 

blog hood with scoop hanging

Here is the hood hanging with the scoop in. 

After Alex finished preping the hood, it was sent off to the body shop for final prep and paint.  Check back for updates when we get this hood back.