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New Injectors for a GT-R

by Kyle Tomita on Tue, Apr 12th, 2011 | Client Vehicles, Tuning

This particular GT-R has received many of the standard upgraded parts, intake, downpipes, exhaust, wastegates, and fuel pump.  It was now time to upgrade the injectors to a set that flows more to reduce the injector duty.  A set of Injector Dynamics ID1000s were chosen for the job.  The injectors were installed and the GT-R was strapped to the dyno for tuning.

Nissan GT-R on the dyno and ready to tune at PSI

Above: The GT-R is on the dyno and hooked up, ready to be tuned.

Jason Oefelein tuning a Nissan GT-R

Above: Jason Oefelein tuning the GT-R.

A proper tune is necessary to gain the full potential of any upgraded part. The larger fuel injectors will allow the duty of the injectors to be lower, which means they can work less but provide the right amount of fuel. These upgraded injectors also allow for sufficient fuel flow for future modifications to this GT-R. When building a car, having all the necessary supporting components is very important.

Check back here for more progress on this GT-R and the others.