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New Seats for a Land Cruiser

by Kyle Tomita on Fri, Jan 6th, 2012 | Fabrication

A client recently brought in his 1972 Toyota Land Cruiser to have new seats put in.

Toyota Land Cruiser

Above: '72 Toyota Land Cruiser

The client purchased a pair of Recaro Speed seats for the front.  However, the client wanted new seats for the rear as well. A pair of similar seats were sourced for the rears. A custom mounting system was needed to accommodate the two bucket seats. One thing that the client wanted was to have the rear seats be easily taken out if needed. He wanted the flexible to carry four people or more cargo if needed.

A flash

Alex fabricated a rack system that lets the seats be securely pinned down when installed.

Seat bracket with one seat in - raw

Land Cruiser custom rear seat brackets

Land Cruiser custom rear seat brackets - side - raw

Above: A simple mounting system that is secure and removable.

The seats are able to be easily removed by one person.

The client can now go off-road with three of his friends and ride comfortably and securely.