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Nitro RC Boat Exhaust

by Kyle Tomita on Fri, May 4th, 2012 | Fabrication

Here at PSI, we work on all types of engines.  From turbocharged inline 6's to large displacement V8's and  some that are a lot smaller.  

Nitro RC Boat - .56 hp

Like this .56 hp Nitro RC boat engine.  

Nitro RC Boat

One of our technicians needed to fix the exhaust system on his boat.  The previous setup he had burned up the wood box that the electronics sit in.  He needed to have the exhaust pipe point up and away from the box.  

We fabricated many exhaust systems for cars and trucks but never an RC boat.  Working with such smaller parts proved to add a lot to the difficulty.  Kyle Pollard first tried to make a pie cut exhaust out of stainless steel, but the metal was too thin and he could not get enough heat into the metal without burning through it.  Kyle then took some extra aluminum exhaust parts and cut them up to make an exhaust that would work.  

Nitro RC Boat Welding - Kyle Pollard

Above: Kyle Pollard welding up the aluminum exhaust.  

Custom Nitro RC Boat Exhaust

Here is the exhaust that Kyle Pollard fabricated for the nitro RC boat.  If we had a lake out back, we would have tried it out.  For all your fabrication needs, we hope you give us a call.