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On The Dyno: 2010 Corvette ZR-1

by Kyle Tomita on Thu, Apr 19th, 2012 | Fabrication, Modification, On The Dyno, Research and Development, Tuning

On The Dyno, we have a 2010 Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1.  A stock ZR-1 is a pretty impressive car with its supercharged LS9.  However, this is no ordinary ZR-1 but has had a few custom upgrades.  

ZR1 on the dyno at PSI

Above: The ZR-1 on the dyno.

This project started as an installation of a set of Kooks headers, Kooks mid-pipe, Kooks x-pipe and a Lingenfelter ZR-1 snout, and a tune.  

Lingenfelter TB and Kooks headers

We went a step further by having the blower and snout ported to increase efficiency.  

Ported Lingenfelter ZR-1 snout

Above: The ported Lingenfelter ZR-1 snout.  

Brian installing ported ZR-1 supercharger

Above: Brian Hartsock installing the ported blower.  

A different size supercharger pulley was installed and the car was prepared for the dyno.  Once on the dyno, the ZR-1 was tuned with HP Tuners and produced 669 whp and 685 ft-lbs of torque at 16 lbs of boost.  

Here is the dyno run video,

If you have a ZR-1 and are interested in a similar setup, please do not hesitate to give us a call.