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PSI Cadillac Project

by Kyle Tomita on Thu, Feb 16th, 2012 | Fabrication, PSI Projects

We are starting to write about this 1961 Cadillac project to catch you up on where it currently stands. This project is the current undertaking of our main fabricator, Alex Laventure. With over 20 years of experience in fabrication, this project looks like it will be something very special.

This project started so quickly, we do not have many initial photos. Alex has put in a lot of work so far and the project is well on its way.  To this point, the body has been removed from the frame and sandblasted and the interior painted.  The chassis was also sandblasted and painted.  Alex went over the exterior.  He removed dents and straightended the panels.  He removed what little rust that there was and is prepping it for paint. 

PSI Projects

Above: Top - 1961 Cadillac, Bottom - 1964 Lincoln Continental

Alex fitted an Art Morisson Sport IFS with an AGR power rack. The IFS was welded onto the frame with a custom cross member. This new setup will allow the Cadillac to handle much better than it did in the 60's. The brake setup was also upgraded to Wilwood disc brakes all around.

Wilwood brake

Above: One of the few photos of the project so far is a shot of the wheel and brake. However, the stock 2010 Camaro SS wheels that the car currently sits on will be replaced once a new set of wheels are found.

The new suspension and brake setup are definitely necessary for this project because Alex removed the big block and is planning on putting in something that makes more power. We are not quite sure the exact setup but it will definitely be fun to drive.

Check back as the PSI Cadillac project progresses.