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PSI Celica Project: Caged

by Kyle Tomita on Tue, Feb 7th, 2012 | Fabrication, PSI Projects

The PSI Celica Project car has been disassembled. The engine and interior have been removed. This was all in preparation for the roll cage.

We plan to take this Celica to jump it and drive it like crazy, so an ordinary roll cage would not do.

PSI Celica Project - Cage - Inside

Above: The view from the inside.

The back seats will not be put back in to make more room for the roll cage. With the amount of tubes and the configuration, having passengers back there was not practical.

With this roll cage setup and the King Offroad Racing Shocks 10" travel coilovers with remote reservoirs will allow us to land safely off of high jumps at the dunes. We also plan to have a lot of fun just racing it through fields. If local rallycross events start up again, we plan to take this out there too.

PSI Celica Project - Cage - Side

Above: The door bars are high enough to provide adequate protection against side impact.

PSI Celica Project Cage - top

Above: A top view of the Celica.

We feel confident that this cage will protect us, we just can't wait for this project to be complete so we can test it out. Check back here for more updates.