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PSI Custom Fuel System for the Nissan GT-R

by Kyle Tomita on Thu, Mar 17th, 2011 | Client Vehicles, Fabrication

The prototype custom fuel system designed by PSI for the GT-R has been completed. 

Here is a photo of the engine bay of the GT-R.

Nissan GT-R with PSI Fuel System

For reference, here is the engine bay of another GT-R with a stock fuel system. 

Nissan GT-R with stock fuel system

Their is not a lot of noticable differences between the two engine bays at least in terms of the fuel system.  Minimum exterior changes were the goal for this custom fuel system.  We wanted to offer an upgraded fuel system without it sticking out.  Luckily, most of the components of the fuel system are hidden. 

The fuel system upgrades include larger 1000cc injectors from Injector Dynamics, a Radium Engineering fuel surge tank and fuel pressure regulator, and Russel fittings and line. 

Radium Engineering FST on Nissan GT-R

This particular Radium fuel surge tank houses a single Bosch fuel pump.  This upgraded fuel pump will provide enough fuel for the larger 1000cc injectors. 

Whenever installing new components to a car, finding a suitable location for the component can be difficult.  Sometimes the best spot available may be near other components such as the exhaust system, which is common for under car locations. 

In this case, the fuel surge tank was mounted in a location that we felt a heat shield was a necessity.  Alex Laventure fabricated a heat shield that would protect the fuel lines from residual heat from the exhaust. 

Radium Engineering FPR on Nissan GT-R

The fuel pressure regulator is one of the only components easily noticed under the hood.  The fuel pressure regulator has a gauge on it to provide the tuner with more information.   It is used to help with checking on the system to ensure that enough fuel pressure is maintained. 

After the system was installed, it was time to tune the GT-R.  With all major changes to a vehicle, a new tune is necessary. 

Jason Oefelein tuning a Nissan GT-R

Jason Oefelein is using a Cobb AccessTuner Pro to tune the GT-R for the upgraded fuel system.