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PSI Project Missile: Getting the Missile Car Ready

by Kyle Tomita on Mon, Dec 10th, 2012 | PSI Projects

Last time at Pat's Acres, Kyle Pollard brought out the missile car.  Both Kyle and Brian Hartsock, drifted the car around the track all day.  It was Brian first time on track and he had a blast.  

PARC 11-10-2012 - Brian - 012

Above: Brian drifting the missile car around the second turn.  

This coming Saturday, PARC will be hosting another event and Kyle plans to take the missile out again.  Before the event, Kyle had some work to do on the car.  

The heart of a missile car

At the last event and driving the car around, the car was down on power because the turbo gasket was leaking.  To replace the gasket, the turbo and manifold needed to be removed.  After replacing the gasket, the car felt a lot better as Kyle took it for a spin around the shop.  Brian will also be trying out a new suspension setup at the next event.  Make sure to stop by PARC this Saturday and maybe get a ride along.  

PARC 11-10-2012 - Kyle Pollard - 019