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PSI Starlet Project: Suspension Upgrades

by Kyle Tomita on Mon, Jan 14th, 2013 | PSI Projects, Suspension

On the weekends, we sometimes have time to work on our own cars.  The other weekend the car of choice was Alex's Toyota Starlet.

Starlet in the field

Above: Back when Alex first got the Starlet.  

The car is his daily and also a work in process.  A front grill from a tractor was integrated into the hood to provide extra clearance and additional cooling for the engine.  It has a swapped in 4AG under the hood.

Alex installed a Chevy S10 rearend that not only beefs up the rear but also gives it a wider track.  

Welding Suspension Mounts - Toyota Starlet

Above: Alex welding custom suspension mounts for the rear.  

This weekend Alex and Brian Hartsock were working on the Starlet's suspension.  Along with the Chevy rearend, the car some Nissan 240 parts up front.  

Including a set of Kyle Pollard Racing knuckles.

Kyle Pollard Modified S13 Knuckles on a Toyota Starlet

To further increase steering angle, Alex cut some stock to extend the tie rods.

Machining Tie Rod Extensions - Toyota Starlet

The steeriing stops were cut out.  

Removing Steering stops - Toyota Starlet

After all the modifications, the Starlet now has a lot more steering angle.  

Toyota Starlet Steering Angle

The car is still a work in progress but Alex enjoys driving it to work.  

PARC 12-15-2012 - Alex 032

Above: Here is Alex at PARC.

PARC 12-15-2012 - Kyle Pollard 019

Above: Kyle Pollard took it out for some tandem's.