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PSI and JRR Turbo RZR Prototype

by Kyle Tomita on Tue, Aug 7th, 2012 | Fabrication, John Reed Racing, Modification, Research and Development, Tuning

This is the latest project that we have been working with John Reed Racing on.  It is a turbocharged Polaris RZR.  We handled design and fabrication of the turbo kit and John Reed handled the wiring and tuning.  

PSI and JRR Polaris RZR Turbo Kit 005 

We started with a Precision turbo and fabricated headers and the rest of the exhaust system around it.  The routing was chosen to take full advantage of many of the factory mounting points and structure.  The body fits on around the newly turbocharged engine.  Once the body panels are on, it is hard to tell that there is a turbo on it.  The extended intake was put on because the turbo RZR was heading to Dunefest to test it out on the sand.  

PSI and JRR Polaris RZR Turbo Kit 002

An air to water heat exhanger was utilized to help bring down the intake temperature.  For the prototype, the exchanger was wrapped in gold heat shielding to further help cooling.  

PSI and JRR Polaris RZR Turbo Kit 003

To control the turbocharged engine, an AEM EMS-4 was used.  John Reed handled the wiring and custom harness.  John Reed tuned the RZR on the dyno before taking it out for some testing.  

We took it out to an open area to do a little testing.  

Field testing the PSI & JRR Turbo RZR - 004

After driving it around, it was time to test the prototype kit a little more.

Field testing the PSI & JRR Turbo RZR - 003

During the "testing" session, John checked the datalogs to make sure everything was running well.

Field testing the PSI & JRR Turbo RZR - 001

Once the quick test session was done, it was time to send it off to Dunefest for some serious testing.  After returning from the dunes, we will further refine the kit and get it ready to present to our customers.