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PSI represented in World Team Battle 2011

by Kyle Tomita on Sat, Mar 19th, 2011 | General

The World Team Battle is the ultimate world cup of automotive design, where artists from countries all around the world come together in teams and go to battle for their country in the arena of virtual tuning, at Autemo.com.  PSI did not enter this competition but a photo of their dyno room was used by one of the competitors.

Team Poland 1 decided to place the Mitsubishi Evolution X, the car chosen for round 1, on the Dynojet dyno at PSI.

Here is the photo they started with.

They then virtually modified it and placed it on the dyno.  Here is the result.

That Evo looks really good on the dyno.

Here is also a video of Round 1.

The Evo in PSI's dyno is about 2:52 into the video.  Thanks Team Poland 1 for showing off PSI's dyno in Round 1.  We look forward to seeing the rest of the World Team Battle.