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Performance Products: Hondata Flashpro

by Kyle Tomita on Fri, Oct 30th, 2009 | Client Vehicles, Performance Products, Tuning

Hondata Flashpro

For the past six years, Jason Oefelein has been using Hondata products.  Portland Speed Industries has picked up a FlashPro unit for use with 06+ US Honda Civic Si, 06+ US Honda S2000 (soon to be released) and 06+ Japanese and European Honda Civic Type R.  PSI highly recommends the FlashPro because of its functionality and value.  The FlashPro allows for the tuning and datalogging of your late model  DBW  (drive by wire) S2000 or  Civic.

PSI used the FlashPro unit on a  Super charged Honda Civic Si.  Here is a before and after dyno graph.  The car was originally tuned with a simple out of the "Can" reflash.  Having the car on the dyno and utilizing the FlashPro, PSI was able to pick-up close to 20 whp in areas and overall clean up the quality on the tune.


2005 Honda Civic Si in front of PSI