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Performance Products: Kyle Pollard Racing - S13/S14 Drift Knuckles

by Kyle Tomita on Mon, Jan 16th, 2012 | Performance Products

Many who watch Formula Drift or following drifting in the Northwest will recognize the name Kyle Pollard and his RHD S13.

Kyle Pollard speeding through the PARC.jpg

Above: Kyle Pollard's S13 at Pat's Acres Racing Complex (PARC) in Canby, OR. Kyle has been drifting for the past several years and over this time has gained a lot of knowledge and experience. He has been very hands-on with the building and preparation of his drift cars. He built his current Formula D RHD S13 by himself with some help from friends and some assistance from PSI. He offers custom modified S13/S14 drift knuckles that he personally builds himself. Kyle runs the same setup on his FD S13 to give him more angle. These knuckles allow for reverse entries and have Akerman and bump steer correction. Formula D driver, Walker Wilkerson, also used these knuckles on his S13 at the Palm Beach FD event. Here are some photos of the build process.

Sand blasting

Above: Kyle Pollard sand blasting a set of knuckles before modifying them.

Kyle Pollard Grinding

Above: Kyle Pollard grinding the knuckles after cutting and then welding them together.

Kyle Pollard Racing - 240 Knuckles.jpg

Above: A KPR modified S13 Knuckle on the left and unmodified knuckle on the right.

Above: The final product. If you are interested in getting a set yourself, feel free to contact us for more information and we can put you in contact with Kyle. The cost for Kyle Pollard Racing S13/S14 drift knuckles is $350 with core and $400 without core. Here is a video of Kyle Pollard at PARC,