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Radium Engineering Fuel Surge Tank

by Kyle Tomita on Wed, Mar 9th, 2011 | Performance Products

Radium Engineering Fuel Surge Tank

Recently, Radium Engineering has released their fuel surge tank for various applications.  As the exclusive northwest distributor and installer for Radium Engineering products, we are excited for the release of these Fuel Surge Tank solutions.  Radium Engineering is known for their innovative solutions for the Lotus platform, including their turbo kits.  They also offer products with universal applications, like these Fuel Surge Tanks and oil catch cans.

These fuel surge tanks have been in development for the past year.  These products provide a fuel starvation solution and upgraded fueling capability in an attractive and functional package. Like all Radium products, the FST was throughly tested in controlled environments to ensure quality and functionality.  The FST was shown to have the additional benefit of lowering the temperatures of the fuel pump, when the fuel pump is installed within the FST.

The FST's come in various levels depending on the application.  They offer solutions for 600 hp to 1400 hp applications. The utilize both Walboro and Bosch fuel pumps in their different setups.

Above: Single Walboro fuel pump setup.

Above: Twin Bosch fuel pump setup.

Above: Universal Fuel Pressure Regulator

We will be using these Fuel Surge Tanks and other Radium Engineering universal components to create custom fuel system solutions for various other platforms.  One such platform will be the Nissan GT-R.  Our goal is to create a less invasive fuel system for the GT-R platform.  The fuel system will be able to provide the VR38DETT with more than enough fuel for this high horsepower application.

GT-R's meet at PSI 010

PSI has collaborated with Radium Engineering on some of the prototyping, design, and testing elements of this product and others.  Because of this involvement with Radium, PSI is proud to offer their products to their clients.  Please feel free to contact PSI with any inquiries about Radium Engineering products, we would be glad to talk to you about them.

Radium Engineering Turbo Lotus Elise on dyno at PSI

Radium Engineering's Lotus Elise on our dyno during the development of their turbo kit.

Lotus Track day at PIR 001

PSI offers assistance whenever they can, like helping out in the pits at Portland International Raceway.

Check back here for an update when the FST is installed in the GT-R and future product releases from Radium Engineering.  Also check out Radium Engineering's write-up on their blog about the FST, http://radiumauto.com/blog-page.php?Radium-Fuel-Surge-Tanks-are-Alive-27.