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Radium Engineering Tests Fuel Pumps

by Kyle Tomita on Fri, Oct 5th, 2012 | General

A car's fuel system is a very important part and should be considered in any big build.  A lot of forced induction applications will quickly require an upgrade in the fuel system as the stock setup will not be able to supply enough fuel to the engine.  Often times choosing the right pump for your application can be difficult.  There are many different brands of fuel pumps to choose from.  Radium Engineering, the guys who make turbo kits for Lotus' and universal components, has set out to test several fuel pumps.  They offer many different pump options for their Universal Fuel Surge Tanks that use have many of these pumps as options.  We have personally installed their tanks with different pump setups and we like the results.

Radium Engineering's Fuel Surge Tank in a drift S13.jpg

Above: The surge tank setup in Kyle Pollard's Formula D Nissan Silvia.

They wrote up a great article on their findings, which can be found here.  We will definitely be using this as an aid to assist our customers.  If you are interested in any of Radium Engineering's products, feel free to contact us as we are authorized dealers.