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Rapid Prototyping

by Kyle Tomita on Thu, Dec 16th, 2010 | General

Fitment not only refers to how your wheels fit on your car but how all parts fit.  A quality product will be able to bolt-on with out any issues.  Developing such a product can often be a time consuming and costly endeavor.  Technology has help tremedously in cutting costs.  Engineers are able to design and test their new designs on a computer.  But being able to actually had a physical product to test on a car is an invaluable resource.  Getting that physical product is an advantage that we offer at PSI.

We currently opperate a 3D printer, which has the ability to "print out" automotive parts.  We have been utilizing it for our projects as well as others in the industry.  We currently rapid prototype parts for other local companies.  Here are some examples of some parts that we have made.

RE - fuel rail 2

RE - fuel rail 3

RE - turbo pipe 1

RE - turbo pipe 2


The quality and fitment of these prototyped parts are precise.  If you are in need of some rapid prototyping services, please feel free to contact us or stop in.