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Rewiring a Toyota Supra

by Kyle Tomita on Thu, Nov 18th, 2010 | Client Vehicles

You cannot judge a book by it's cover.  This saying goes the same for cars.  This is the case for one of our client's Toyota Supra. 

blog Jim Jr

Besides the Work VS-XX's in burning black finish, this Supra has a stock external appearance, however under the hood is a different story.  Some might recognize this Supra as the one we fabricated a custom turbo system for, http://tunedbypsi.com/blog-entry.php?Our-turbo-kit-is-complete-112.  The engine bay of this Supra is one of the better ones out there.  The attention to detail is impressive. 

blog engine bay

With the help of the GTX4294, this 2JZ puts down 612whp through an automatic transmission.  Needless to say, this is an impressive car. 

However, under the surface, the wiring in this car needs a little work.  Although fully functional, the appearance of the wiring throughout the car does not match the car. 

blog wiring mess

The wiring that you see before you was done by previous shops that this car has been to.  This wiring is the exact reason that this Supra is at PSI.  A Technician will be taking the interior apart to re-wire the car.  He will not only have to go through and decipher this mess of wires but will also be updating some of the interior.  This car runs an AEM EMS and a controller for the transmission, the Technician is making a panel for USB connections to these important electronic components.  He will also be working on modifying the gauge cluster to accomodate a new display.  Russ has a lot of work ahead of him but once he is done, the wiring will match the detail of the rest of this Supra.