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Rose Cup Races 2012

by Kyle Tomita on Mon, Jun 18th, 2012 | Events and Shows, Media Coverage, Motorsports

This past weekend was the 52nd Rose Cup Races at Portland International Raceway.

Rose Cup 2012 - Pits - Lux Performance

Above: In the pits, Lux Performance.

A bunch of us from PSI went down to watch the races and also get in a little racing.  

Rose Cup 2012 Rallycross - Celica - Brian 001

Above: Brian Hartsock driving a 1979 Toyota Celica.

One of the main drivers we went to watch was Cindi Lux and her Lux Performance Black Rock Coffee SRT Viper Competition Coupe.  

Rose Cup 2012 - Cindi Lux - SRT Viper Starting Line

Above: Fred Lux checks over the car one last time before the start of the race.

We made it down to Portland International Raceway, PIR, for both the main event and practices sessions.  They used the practice sessions to get the car dialed.  The previous week, the SRT Viper was on our dyno to check out the power numbers and do a shakedown before heading to the track.  To help with fuel delivery, they borrowed a Radium Engineering fuel surge tank from Kyle Pollard's Formula D Nissan Silvia K's.  

Rose Cup 2012 - SRT Viper - Radium Fuel Surge Tank

Kyle was able to give up his surge tank and Bosch 044 fuel pump because of an unfortunate issue with his driveshaft.  But not before he tested out his new HKS sequential tranny for a few runs,

Photo courtesy of Teigon Tegner

Kyle's weekend was not totally lost.  The guys from Scion let him take one of their FR-S's out on the track to get it sideways.  After drifting the FR-S, Kyle had this to say about the car, "most fun i have had in a while, just like driving the old 86... gotta be aggressive with it, but it does what is told!"

Kyle Pollard drifting the 2013 Scion FR-S.  Photo courtesy of Shane Wall.

Back to the Rose Cup Race.  

Rose Cup 2012 - Cindi Lux - SRT Viper - Go

Above: Cindi Lux leaving for the pace lap.

At the start of the race, the field was close but after a few laps the top contenders separated from the pack.  

Rose Cup Race 2012 - 003

Rose Cup Race 2012 - Nick Fludge - Ford Mustang - Panning

Above: Nick Fluge's Rousch Yates V8 powered Mustang.  Tuning by John Reed.

Rose Cup Race 2012 - Nissan 240SX - Panning

Above: VG30 powered Nissan 240SX.

Rose Cup 2012 - Cindi Lux - SRT Viper - Panning 001

Above: SRT Viper

Rose Cup Race 2012 - Camaro - Panning

Above: Chevy Camaro.

Rose Cup Race 2012 - Matt Krandall - Mustang

Above: Matt Krandall in his Mustang gained a comfortable lead.  

Rose Cup Race 2012 - Matt Crandall - Winner

Matt ultimately took the checkered flag.  

Rose Cup Race 2012 - Cindi Lux - Overall 4th

Above: Cindi finished 4th overall in the debut race of her SRT Viper.  

Congratulations to all drivers and event staff, this was another successful Rose Cup Races.  We will be back again next year.