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Sandrails and Off-road Vehicles

by Kyle Tomita on Fri, Aug 17th, 2012 | Fabrication, General, John Reed Racing, Tuning

During the summer, we see an influx of sandrails and offroad vehicles and this season is no exception.   Along with the turbo Polaris RZR project we have been working with John Reed Racing, there have been several sandrails in for tuning. 

PSI and JRR Polaris RZR Turbo Kit 001

Field testing the PSI & JRR Turbo RZR - 003

Outdoor tuning

Above: Jason Oefelein checking out the tune before going to work on this LS1 powered Sandrail.

Ford Bronco Crawler - 001

Above: Ford Bronco crawler.

Along with tuning many different sandrails and crawlers, we also replaced an engine and turbo in one of our client's sandrails.  While out playing at the dunes, one of our clients blew the turbocharged Honda V6 powering his sandrail.  We replaced the engine and also installed a larger turbo.  After the tune, he was back out at the dunes having fun. 

Last week, Jason Oefelein, John Reed, and Kyle Pollard went up to Brown's camp to tune a client's crawler.  Our photographer did not make the trip out their with them.  They took up a quad and dirtbikes.  After Jason was done tuning the crawler, they went for a ride on the trails. 


We wish we had more time to work on our soon to be LS1 powered Toyota Celica, but it looks like it will be ready for during this summer.  We plan to work on it more this winter and hopefully have it ready for next year.  In the meantime, check out this video of the PSI/JRR Turbo Polaris RZR project. 

PSI/JRR Turbo Polaris RZR on the dyno at PSI from Portland Speed Industries on Vimeo.