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Tandem of Die 2012 Year End Video

by Kyle Tomita on Wed, Oct 31st, 2012 | General

Tandem of Die is the film making duo of Joe Ayala and Justin Shreeve.  They travel the world filming many motorsports events, particularly drifting. 

They are also known for doing hand stands and other antics.  Above they are doing hand stands at the the track at Gatebil. 

These two guys not only love filming drift events but also participate at them.  These are the cars they drive,

They drift a pair of Nissan 240's, one a coupe (Justin) and one a hatch (Joe).  They have been building these cars for a past few years with help from friends and sponsors. We happen to be one of those sponsors and also friend.  We have tuned and worked on both of their cars. 

We will start with Justin's 1JZ powered 240. 

Justin Shreeve's 1JZ S13 on the dyno at PSI

Justin's car has a 1JZ VVT-i with a stock turbo, which we installed with the help of Mark Panic who did the wiring.  Jason Oefelein tuned the 1JZ setup with an AEM Series 2.  A link to the dyno run. 

Joe Ayala S13 on the dyno at PSI

Joe's SR20 powered 240.  Joe is running a GT28 turbo.  Jason also tuned his car but this time with an APexi PowerFC.  A link to the dyno run.

They put together a 2012 year end video, which includes them drifting their 240's and also the build process. 

TANDEM OF DIE | 2012 Year-End Video from TANDEM OF DIE on Vimeo.

Note: We do not condone all activities portrayed in this video. 

Joe and Justin have built a pair of Nissan 240's that stand out among the many other 240's.