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Update: Rewiring a Toyota Supra - Back to Stock

by Kyle Tomita on Wed, Dec 22nd, 2010 | Client Vehicles

Work on the wiring system continues on the 1994 Toyota Supra. 

blog Jim Jr

After disassembling the Supra's interior, the current wiring situation disected.  Before a Technician could begin his work on the wiring harness, the current state of the harness needed to be returned to factory.  This took a lot of hours of going through each wire and referencing wiring diagrams.  Over the life of this car, it has been worked on by many shops before making it to PSI.  Returning something to stock does not sound too difficult, but it actually is very difficult.  Each wire needs to be identified and then tested.  The resulting product will become the foundation for future modification, so one needs to be certain of its integrity. 

blog JimJr stock wire harness

Now that the wiring harness has been returned to the factory configuration, rewiring process can procede.