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Work on the Nissan GT-R

by Kyle Tomita on Tue, Mar 15th, 2011 | Client Vehicles

GT-R's meet at PSI 006

Work continues on the two Nissan GT-R's that are currently at PSI.

GT-R's at PSI

The white one is waiting for its upgraded transmission to arrive from ShepTrans.

Removal of GT-R transmission

Above: They were removing the transmission and rear subframe so that the transmission could be sent out to ShepTrans.

The new rebuilt transmission will be able to easily handle much more power than the stock transmission. With the future upgrade plans and the owner's driving style, this strengthened transmission offers reassurance that the the transmission will last.

While the GT-R was at PSI waiting for the transmission, the team at PSI worked on other aspects of the car.

2010 Nissan GT-R interior - rear

The backseat area was removed to allow for the installation of some lowering springs to give this GT-R a more aggressive look.

Under the hood, a Cobb Tuning intake system and a pair for HKS blow off valves were installed.

GT-R with Cobb Intake System

The VR38DETT with Cobb Tuning intake system and HKS blow off valves.

Both GT-R's received a pair of Forge Motorsports wastegate actuators.

Nissan GT-R wastegate actuators (Forge Motorsports and OEM)

Above: The Forge Motorsports wastegate actuator on the left with the OEM one on the right.

The other GT-R is the testbed for the PSI custom fuel system. This fuel system will feature larger 1000cc injectors, Radium Engineering Fuel Surge Tank, Radium Fuel Pressure Regulator, upgraded fuel pumps, a large plethora of Russel fittings and hoses, and a few other components. The goal is to provide a better fuel system solution for high horsepower GT-R's.

PSI Custom GT-R fuel system development

Above: Planning the path of fuel lines and the placement of the fuel pressure regulator.

Check back here for more progress on these GT-R's and the other cars at PSI.